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Industries We Serve


When we complete a project, you can rest assure that it will stand the test of time as we will confidently stand behind the results.


Our experience provides us with the comfort level to develop designs that fit within your scope and budget and makes us a valued construction partner.


Our team of engineers and draftsman enjoy working with architects and home owners to make their dream home become a reality.

  Structural Condition Assessments

Tobias & West provides Structural Property Condition Assessments for buildings and other structures requested.


The “solution-based” consultants at Tobias & West provide complete structural design services for Retail Building Developments and Renovations.


We can play an active role in developing designs that meet the rapidly expanding need for aesthetics for the poles and towers.


Our experience and ability to meet building code standards has give us the opportunity to work with healthcare professionals across the state.

  Historic Renovations

Historic buildings are a true treasure and we share your passion with the desire to restore, preserve and retain the original architectural form.


Multi-family dwellings are an economical solution to expensive city living for those that want solitude yet need to be close to the urban bustle.



Whether its a simple breezeway for asthetics or a major renovation to increase the quality of education for students, Tobias & West has the knowhow.

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